Which Masticating Juicers Are The Best Options For Your Kitchen?

Masticating juicers have several advantages over their centrifugal counterparts that make them more appealing. This is a slightly slower method of juicing but the added time produces some added benefits that pays off for those who are patient. Higher juice yield, especially with leafy green foods such as kale, wheatgrass, and spinach is something that sets this type of juicer apart. Better juice quality, less noise, and less oxidation are some other aspects of masticating juice extractors that users rave about.

If you have never tried juicing then getting one of these types of juicers is a terrific way to ensure that you get the most out of the fresh produce you drop into the machine. This is a more expensive initial investment, but your health and pocketbook will get reward long term. Below are some of the top selling masticating models available today.

Omega NC800 HDS

This is a relatively new model introduced by Omega but it is already the best juicer on the market. With two main improvements the NC800 has raised the bar for all juicing machines in general. Some of the key features include:

  • A wider feed chute, which is typically only seen on centrifugal juicers up to this point, lets you drop larger sized pieces of fruits and vegetables without having to cut them up. This really reduces the overall prep time of juicing and is a great advantage of this model.
  • A new, adjustable end cap lets you customize the amount of pressure depending on the hardness of the food you are juicing. This helps improve your juicing efficiency.
  • Quiet juicing at only 80 RPM. Juice in peace without having to worry about waking the entire block.
  • 15 year warranty means that your investment is protected.

Omega VSJ843

This is also a newer model that comes in two differently shaped versions. The “R” is rounded while the “Q” is square in shape. The VSJ843 is an upright masticating juicer that is designed to maximize your counter space while delivering the benefits of juicing with a masticating method juicer.

  • Whisper quiet operation. This is perhaps the lowest noise producing juicer of any kind that you can buy. If you have sensitive ears then this is the one model for you.
  • Excellent juice quality. Juicing leafy greens is a breeze and you get very good juice yield.
  • Very easy to clean with the juice spout. Just close the tap after you are finished, pour in some water, let it run for a few minutes, and reopen the tap. It is designed to clean itself in this fashion.
  • Modern design that is unique. This the perfect compliment to any kitchen counter top with its sleek and modern styling.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

This is another highly rated vertical juicer that stands apart from the competition with some innovative design.

  • This is the first upright masticating juicer to feature a wide feed chute. While it is important not to over-stuff the machine or try to jam in too much at once, this improvement is something that owners really love. It is big enough to drop in whole apples and larger sized vegetables and fruits.
  • This is also a juicer that makes very little noise. If you like to juice early in the morning or late at night and you are concerned about waking others, this is an excellent option for you.

Tribest Slowstar

This is a truly bold and eyecatching machine that will be the center of attention in your home. This is also an upright machine that will probably save you the most space.

  • Operates at only 43 RPM which is significantly lower than most masticating juice extractors. This helps produce a truly quiet juicing experience.
  • Great juice yield and quality. Less heat is introduced into your glass of juice which protects all of the nutrients.
  • Has a mincing and grinding attachment which makes it the only upright masticator to have this option. Offers greater versatility and overall value.

Omega 8006 Nutrition Center

This model has a been around for years and it continues to go strong to this day. This is one of Omega’s best selling masticating juicing designs.

  • 15 year warranty which is the longest of any juicer available. This juicer has a proven track record for reliable performance and this warranty is nice to have even if you will probably never have to use it.
  • Comes with various attachments that let you do more than just juicing. You can make baby food, extrude pasta, or make home made peanut butter. This is where the “nutrition center” moniker comes from.
  • With the introduction of newer models with wider feed chutes means that this model has seen some slight price drops that make it an even bigger value. If you are looking to save a little then there is no reason to not go with the 8006.

If you don’t like to use appliances that make a lot of noise, you want the highest juice yield possible, or you want to make a lot of juice at once and store it for a few days, then you will want to get yourself a masticating juicing machine. These juicers are the most efficient and produce the highest quality juice when compared to centrifugal models. If you are not worried about being in a hurry, then this is the direction that you will want to go in your kitchen.